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Honda Motorcycle in Kenya: Honda motorcycle line-up, heritage and customer's support

You Meet the NICEST PEOPLE on a Honda

The history of Honda's motorcycle business began with the start of mass-production in Japan in 1949. Honda has been expanding its local production to many countries around the world based on Honda's commitment to “build products close to the customer."
With a longstanding passion to create technologies that make people's lives more convenient and fun, Honda has been developing and offering products that accommodate the diverse needs of customers in a large number of countries and regions around the world.
And now Honda has offered more than 300 million motorcycles and scooters to the nicest people. 


News & Events

7th to 10th Mar, 2017

Mega Service Clinic @ Kisii, 936 customers came.

16th Feb, 2017

Service Clinic @ Malaba, 156 customers came.

14th to 15th Feb, 2017

Service Clinic @ Busia, 325 customers came.

31st Jan to 2nd Feb, 2017

Service Clinic @ Mpeketoni, 567 customers came.